Michael Whelan is much in demand for interviews and lectures about his work and career. Here are some common questions and topics covered in these discussions and his thoughts on the subjects. If you have a question about something not covered, please contact us. We will ask Michael and let you know his answer. If it’s a great question, we may include it in the FAQ’s.



May I send things to you for Michael Whelan to autograph?

Sometimes, but please contact us in advance for permission and shipping instructions. We cannot accept any liability for unauthorized items we receive.

  • We offer many reproductions in our online shop that are already signed by Michael Whelan.
  • We post news here on the website and try to give you advance notice whenever Michael is making a personal appearance and he usually signs autographs then.
  • If you have a question about a personalization on an item you are ordering from our online shop, please contact us.


May I use one of Michael Whelan’s images on my website?

No. All Michael Whelan images are copyrighted throughout the world. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. As stated in our legal and copyright information, Whelan images cannot be distributed or reproduced without the artist’s consent. Please understand that copyright infringement is a major issue on the internet and of great concern to Michael Whelan.

  • If you have a non-commercial fan art gallery type of site, Michael Whelan may allow you to display a few images with a link back to this website. Please contact us for permission.
  • To report a possible copyright infringement, please contact us. Thank you for your help!

May I use one of Michael Whelan’s images as a signature tag or to illustrate my role-playing game character or for any other online purpose?

No. Altering any Michael Whelan image is strictly prohibited.

  • Michael sincerely appreciates all your enthusiasm and support and it is difficult for him to say “no” to fans, but he cannot allow any altering of his images. Every presentation of his artwork reflects on his craft and he cannot guarantee quality reproduction on any site except this one.
  • If an image is taken from a book cover or other illustration, there is also the author, musician, or publisher’s copyright to consider.

May I reproduce a whole book cover, album cover, or other product with Whelan art on my website?

Yes. Scans of full book or album covers (including title and author’s or musician’s name) or other products may be shown freely on any website, unless copyrights held by the publisher limit reproduction.


May I use one of Michael Whelan’s images for my own personal tattoo?

Yes – but please send us a picture to moc.n1413898322alehW1413898322leahc1413898322iM@ec1413898322ivreS1413898322remot1413898322suC1413898322. With your permission we will post it!

  • It would violate copyright laws to use his copyrighted image in any commercial transaction without his express permission, but Michael does allow you to have one of his images reproduced as a tattoo on your own body. Although in strict terms the tattoo artist is being paid for the service and it is a commercial transaction, Michael Whelan grants his permission on a one-time basis.
  • If you have some other personal project in mind, please contact us in advance at moc.n1413898322alehW1413898322leahc1413898322iM@la1413898322geL1413898322 for his approval.


I have read all his Biographical Information, and all the other FAQ, but I’m writing a paper or article on Michael Whelan and still have questions. Who do I contact?

Please email us at moc.n1413898322alehW1413898322leahc1413898322iM@ec1413898322ivreS1413898322remot1413898322suC1413898322. Sometimes, Michael is able to email you himself or to do an interview over the phone.


How do I hire Michael Whelan to do my book cover?

As a general rule, authors do not hire artists to do their book covers. It is usually the responsibility of the publisher to do the packaging and advertising for a book and that includes the cover art.

Am I able to buy rights to existing Michael Whelan artwork for other projects?

Usually yes…but it depends on a number of factors: availability, previous use, exclusivity, etc. For info please contact moc.n1413898322alehW1413898322leahc1413898322iM@la1413898322geL1413898322.


I emailed Michael, why didn’t he reply?

Michael spends his days painting and to be honest, that’s what all of us who love his art want him to do – make more! If you are sure that you need to contact him personally and none of his staff can help you, please click on the contact button and send another email. We will make sure he gets back to you.

I emailed the shop, why didn’t you reply?

We get a lot of email, but we do try very hard to reply to everyone. If you have not heard back from us in a reasonable amount of time, please try again. Your email may have been deleted as spam and we didn’t receive it.

If you have sent an email regarding an order you have placed and not received a reply, please call us at 203-798-6063.

If you have a general question, be sure to read through the FAQ’s – your question may be answered here.


What is Glass Onion Graphics?

The first Michael Whelan prints were produced in 1977 by a small press, but in 1979 Michael’s wife Audrey Price started Glass Onion Graphics and has been steadily publishing Whelan prints since then. Over the years there have been other publishers who have produced his prints, books, calendars, etc., but Glass Onion is still his primary publisher and also handles the sales of his reproductions via MichaelWhelan.com.

We have had an exclusive Michael Whelan website since 1996 with online ordering since 1998.

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