How long have you worked as a professional illustrator?
How would you rate the college you attended and how prepared were you afterwards?
What was your first cover art job?
Who were your greatest influences in art when you started out?
If you examine your entire illustration career, what would you say is the turning point, when you became a recognized illustrator?


Did you have any preconceived notions about working as an illustrator?
What is your favorite thing about working as an illustrator?
Are there any negative aspects about the profession?
Have you read all the books you have illustrated?
Does your mental concept of a picture always match the final results?
How do you decide which scene to feature as a cover image?
How do you research a fantasy picture? Do you use models, photographs, or historical books?
How do you make a reader feel fear in a horror image?
Do you prefer to paint dynamic action scenes or static pictures?
Do you prefer science fiction or fantasy?
What do you think of digital art?
What are the advantages of using computers in art?
Do you think digital art will replace conventional painting?
How did you feel about winning a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators for your digital artwork CRUX HUMANUS?
What are your projects and plans for the future?


What is the best preparation for becoming an illustrator?
Do I need to go to art school to become a successful illustrator?
What would be your best advice to an aspiring illustrator?
How do you prepare to become a science fiction/fantasy artist?
How do you break into the field of SF/ fantasy illustration today?
How do you succeed as a science fiction/fantasy artist?

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