To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Michael Moorcock’s legendary anti-hero Elric, Saga Press will be publishing the complete novels in a three volume omnibus collection starting in September.  Each will feature illustrations from the many talented artists who have worked on the series over the decades, including Michael Whelan, Gerald Brom, Robert Gould, John Picacio, and others.

The second volume Stormbringer will feature the original cover illustration by Michael Whelan that has been widely recognized as one of the most iconic images in all of fantasy.  Back in 1979, Michael Moorcock contributed thoughts about the illustration in an essay for Wonderworks, the first published collection of Michael Whelan’s work:

Michael Whelan is perhaps the best artist regularly to illustrate my American paperback editions…he has brought up the demonic element in the character—his griefs, his internal struggles…and has emphasized the sword, the alien qualities of my protagonist, and the wild, romantic landscapes. This is evident in what I think is his best cover in the series…the cover for Stormbringer! This is probably the best book in the series and my own particular favourite…Whelan appears to have pulled out all stops on depicting Elric at the height of his struggle—internal, external, and cosmic!


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