We’ve seen a steady flow of questions regarding Michael’s latest cover illustrations so I thought I’d provide an update for the upcoming holiday season.

We were intending to offer prints of both FAHRENHEIT 451 and long time fan-favorite DESCENT (cover for The Martian Chronicles) for Ray Bradbury’s centennial in August, but this year has been challenging in many ways.  We will finally release these prints during the holidays (likely with our Cyber Monday email right after Thanksgiving).

Fahrenheit 451



We will be offering prints of RHYTHM OF WAR with the same size options as the others in the Stormlight series (18×24 and 24×36). The timing will coincide with the release of the book so expect the prints to drop as the book lays down on November 17.

Prices on ink and paper have gone up dramatically this year. We’re evaluating the impact of those costs across our catalog right now, but we’re committed to offering the RoW prints at the same introductory price ($50 and $95 respectively). After the intro period, we’ll likely be adjusting all of the Stormlight prints to a new price structure.

Because there will be 5(!) prints in the series, we’re also trying to offer better mix-and-match set options for those who want to fill out their collection. More on that in the mid-November newsletter.



For those interested in original art, we’re starting to see prelims for both recent covers emerge from the studio. Expect previews of those on social media over the next week and beyond. Many should be available in the shop during the holidays along with several of the “never seen before” prelims recently featured from OATHBRINGER.

We’ll announce the release of prints and original art via social media and email as usual so keep an eye on Instagram, Twitter, etc or just sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss the announcements.

In terms of new content, I hope you’ve enjoyed the deep dives into the cover process for The Stormlight Archive. These “making of” features really are a labor of love. For the next one, we’ll have additional insight from Isaac Stewart, the art director over at Dragonsteel, on the making of RHYTHM OF WAR.

Thank you so much for the tremendous support this year.

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