Michael Whelan illustrated the cover for the limited edition of Firestarter back in 1980 for Phantasia Press. It was his first work with Stephen King and led to his assignment on The Gunslinger a year later.

The book was limited to 725 copies plus 26 lettered editions and remains one of the most sought after editions of King’s work.

This year Phantasia Press planned to release a limited number of vintage Firestarter dustjackets signed by Michael Whelan.

Being a constant reader himself, Michael knew this would be a great opportunity for fans—only Stephen King signed the book at publication—so he has also remarqued these original dustjackets.

We are excited to announce this rare and special offering will be available in our shop on Saturday, March 5, 2022 at noon EST.


The dustjackets are signed, numbered, and remarqued by Michael Whelan with a Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Limited Edition dustjackets are remarqued in white paint and limited to 100 copies. Available both in our shop and through Phantasia Press. Price opens at $350.
  • Founder’s Edition dustjackets are remarqued in yellow paint and limited to 10 copies. Available only through Phantasia Press. Price opens at $500.
  • Artist Edition dustjackets feature two remarques, one in white paint with a second in black ink. Available only in our shop. Price opens at $700.

Limited Edition numbers and Remarques are assigned based on order of purchase. Each is unique and you can see examples of themes above. The only edition with a choice of remarques are the 10 Artist Edition dustjackets and are available only in our shop. (See below).


Don’t miss this unique opportunity—available in our shop on Saturday, March 5 at noon EST.

For faster checkout, register and log onto the website before release. You can prefill your billing / shipping address and even save a credit card on file (stored securely with our card processor). Check with your bank for advice on how to preauthorize large transactions online.

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