Mutant Hunter: The Slicks by Stephen R. Cox is free to download on today (Jan. 16th) and tomorrow. This post apocalyptic series features cover art by Michael Whelan. Check out detailed reviews on Amazon and download the ebook free at the link below!

Enter a wormhole in Hell, come out in the Slicks.

It’s hard to imagine a worse place on Earth because there isn’t one. The uncharted no-man’s land covers a fifth of the planet in a polluted, stinking swamp of crude oil, sludge and radioactive waste. The fumes trigger psychotropic reactions in those who venture into the dark and foreboding wasteland. Bizarre and dangerous creatures crawl out of the toxic slime and walk on two legs. Going in is hard – getting out alive is damn near impossible.

The Slicks is a nightmare and Leon Miller has chased a mutant deep into its malignant territory. And it’s not just any mutant he chases. It’s the Holy Grail – Number Six – the last of the government’s Ten Most Wanted Mutants.

Every soldier of fortune and mutant hunter wannabe on the planet wants a piece of Number Six. The bounty is a record. Killing the mutant would make one a legend. Few, however, have the intelligence, resources or the nerve to go after him. Fewer still will risk tracking Number Six’s spoor into the Slicks.

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