• Acrylic on Resin Board - 30" x 20"
  • Catspaw
  • CAT: Street Punk, Psion, Telepath, Survivor. . .

    Kidnapped by an interstellar corporation and dragged to Earth, Cat is forced to use his skills to protect those he most hates, those who most hate him . . . .

    The taMings. A cyber-augmented, DNA-incestuous clan of such wealth and power that their family arguments change the destiny of worlds. Now one taMing is a killer’s target. But which? And who would dare?

    Seeking answers, Cat finds lies and savagery, passion and atrocity–trails that lead from crystal valleys to clubs for silver-skinned beauties. From the homicidal enclaves of drug kings to a fanatic’s pulpit. From the halls of the Assembly to a cyberspace hell. Seeking assassins, Cat discovers a mystery that could cost him his future. His sanity. His life.

    Because Cat is no longer a bodyguard . . .

    He’s bait.

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