• Acrylic on Illustration Board - 20" x 16"
  • With Friends Like These
  • Willie Whitehorse could have been just another boozed-up guitarist, if it hadn’t been for his songs. Somehow they were different — they reached out and grabbed people’s souls. Now agent Sam Parker wanted a piece of the action. But when he had it, Sam knew he’d made a terrible mistake…a mistake it was much too late to correct…

    With Friends Like These…

    The aliens had returned to Earth after centuries because they needed allies. But after hundreds of years, they had no idea what they would be getting the universe into…and they soon found out!

    Dream Done Green

    Pericles was a poet and a genius, who also happened to be a horse!

    Why Johnny Can’t Speed

    A father could teach his son a lot of important things, but combat on the freeways wasn’t one of them…not when the kid was eighteen and too full of himself to survive. But revenge did have its compensations!

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