Beyond Science Fiction


DARK TOWER: CRIMSON KING ….he sat on his throne…which is made of skulls…he sat there with his elbow on his knee and his fist on his chin, like a man thinking long thoughts…all the while watching them writhe…and convulse on the floor…


EYE EYE is painted almost exactly as I envisioned it in a dream.


LEGENDS: THE GUNSLINGER After Michael Whelan illustrated the first book in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, his artwork became synonymous with the story. The author doesn’t describe the tower in the early books of the series, but many of the main characters experience dream...


FLOWERS AND WEEDS When my son Adrian was 3 or 4 years old, we used to go to an abandoned construction site where there were huge slabs of concrete embedded with iron reinforcing rods. When we struck the rebar with a stone or another piece of metal they would ring like bells. It was...


CROSSING The uncertainty of and inescapable attraction to the concept of life after death.


WAVE Of all the paintings hanging in my home, this one probably elicits the most comments. It’s also a good example of why I am reluctant to say too much about my work. Some people are frightened by it, some view it as peaceful, and some are just struck by its...


GLIMPSE I think this is the first time I used the red glass heart as a symbol for the immediate and/or material possessions. While focused on the heart, she has turned her back to the light of Beauty and Hope behind the wall.

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