19 O’CLOCK Reimagining the KA symbol that Michael created for THE DARK TOWER (Book 7). Inspiration came while listening to the original audiobook of the THE GUNSLINGER, read by Stephen King himself. There are several bones around the studio, human and other, which seemed to fit...


UNMASKED For fun I thought to portray my own interpretation of the “Crimson King” as an early Halloween riff… but the sight of police state brutality on Wall Street—and the mainstream news blackout of same—is horror enough for me this year. Jeez. Well, the...


EVILE Album cover for the band’s second CD titled INFECTED NATIONS.


MEATLOAF ASCENDANT Cover art for a greatest hits album which featured songs from both of MeatLoaf’s BAT OUT OF HELL albums, so his signature bat and motorcycle have to appear. Michael Whelan gave them a twist.


BACK INTO HELL Cover art for Meatloaf’s landmark comeback album. Named Cover of the Year by “CD Review” Magazine.


CACOPHONY I saw the picture in my head one evening when I was stuck in a crowded room filled with noisy people. I felt trapped and driven to distraction by the commotion, hands grasping at me for attention, when all I wanted to do is get away and find quiet somewhere.


ARISE This piece was commissioned by a record company for an album cover, Arise, by Sepultura. It was a chance to experiment and have fun, which is what I did. After completing a small stack of tone renderings of textures and distorted faces, I photocopied them, cut them...

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