TWO WORLDS This is a personal work that worked well as a cover for an edition of DAW Books’ The Year’s Best Horror Stories. During one of the Ethiopian famines, I came across a magazine photo of a desert filled with a multitude of crude burial mounds extending off to...


NARROW WAY The greatest measure of my satisfaction as an illustrator comes when I produce an artwork that reflects my artistic concerns just as much as it illustrates the book. This painting is one of the best examples of that happy condition.


DOLL Another Whelan cover for THE YEAR’S BEST HORROR STORIES. When this image comes up in one of Michael’s slide shows, there are audible rustlings in the audience. Is it the life-sized fly on the doll’s empty eye socket or the demented stares on the...


BUFFO Portrait of the title character from the book by M. John Harrison.


DESTROYING ANGEL All the concepts I submitted for the 1982 Year’s Best Horror Stories cover were strong. If I had tried to guess which one would be chosen, the one that became this painting would have been my last guess. But Don Wollheim saw the possibilities in the concept...


RED AS BLOOD Some paintings are fondly remembered because the simple act of creation was so enjoyable. This cover art for Tanith Lee’s novel Red As Blood is one of those paintings. I regret selling the painting. There are collectors out there who I strongly suspect are...


LOVECRAFT’S NIGHTMARE B Del Rey Books asked Michael to do 2 paintings of horrific images they could use on 7 volumes of H.P. LOVECRAFT stories. He didn’t have to illustrate the stories, just create images that conveyed the mood. This and LOVECRAFT’S NIGHTMARE A form his only real...


LOVECRAFT’S NIGHTMARE A Portions of this and LOVECRAFT’S NIGHTMARE B were used to make 7 covers for reissues of H.P. Lovecraft books. Many of these images have also appeared on album covers for heavy metal bands from around the world and as tattoos and motorcycle decorations.


HECATE’S CAULDRON What is the goddess of all witches tossing into her brew on a cover for a horror anthology from DAW Books? Women often get a chuckle from thinking that it must be men, but Michael won’t admit to anything!

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