Leftovers 2019

2019 LEFTOVER 13

2019 LEFTOVER 13 A shadow cast by my notebook made me think of paintings by J.C. Leyndecker so I sketched out a profile of my own.

2019 LEFTOVER 12

2019 LEFTOVER 12 A plastic glove discarded a couple of months ago and the witch it inspired. As I approached the bottom of this sketch, I longed to add a different note of color and in slithered the snake. This is a riff on what my mind was seeing and certainly not intended to be...

2019 LEFTOVER 11

2019 LEFTOVER 11 This one started with a shadow cast in my studio one afternoon. I kept trying to duplicate the faces that shadow put into my head, using whatever media was at hand.

2019 LEFTOVER 10

2019 LEFTOVER 10 According to Wikipedia, pareidolia is our tendency to interpret a vague stimulus as something known or imagined. It’s the process by which we see a familiar shape in the clouds or imagine a face on the surface of Mars. Early this summer, it was a tarp covering a...


2019 LEFTOVER 9 In his advice to young artists, Leonardo da Vinci advocated using random patterns (like stains on the wall) as a springboard into creative endeavors. Over the past few years, that’s how most of my “palette gremlins” came to life, emerging from...


2019 LEFTOVER 8 At the beginning of the summer I frequently walked past a tarp that had been tossed over a pile of sand. Each day it would look slightly different due to shifting by wind or weather. But it always had a rather piscine appearance owing to the grommet holes on the...


2019 LEFTOVER 7 An accidental shape on a scrap of illustration board evoked a sort of Lovecraftian tree. The board originally had a figure sketch on it from the work I did for Lucca Comics & Games. When I saw it turned 90 degrees sideways I was struck by the shapes and one thing...


2019 LEFTOVER 6 I like using old scraps of book paper for wiping off my brush–the marks so often look like something suggestive to my imagination. Here’s another splash of acrylic paint turned into something.


2019 LEFTOVER 5 Just a critter I saw in a blob of paint and brought into focus. No deep thought or meaning in my head, just a sort of doodle in paint.


2019 LEFTOVER 4 I originally sketched this in Raw Umber while trying to come up with a Tad Williams cover design. It was never used but I liked the arrangement. Earlier this month I completed the image using some reds. A little late for Valentine’s Day?

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