Other Works


VAMPIRIC PROFILE One of my morning oil paint sketch exercises. When I give myself the freedom to do these “warm-up” sketches I usually try to dash them off as quickly as possible. Occasionally I’ll go back to one of these quickies and work on them some more, even...


BONES An early experiment in digital collage. I presented it to an art director as a possible album cover for a metal band but no one went for it.


CTHULHU FHTAGN This was a concept sketch done for one of DAW’s THE YEARS BEST HORROR STORIES anthologies, but they passed on it in favor of another one. However, I’ve always liked the composition and someday, I’m hoping, I’ll get to do a full color painting...


DAMAGED GOODS Another YEAR’S BEST HORROR STORIES cover that didn’t get picked. I can’t imagine why. I generally prefer suggested horror over outright depictions of gore, but we had been visiting the local UPS depot a lot that year and I suppose it was inevitable...

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