KAIROS I didn’t want to just call this PRUDENCE 3, so I looked all over for a word that captured the idea of the painting and KAIROS is the only one that fit. The ancient Greeks had 2 words for “time:” “chronos” referring to chronological or...


RETROSPECTION Here we see our “everywoman” seeking guidance amid the debris of lost values from an earlier age. With retrospection she will be able to find her way to the future through the gateway of the past.


FOURTH CRUSADE The Virtue of Faith. Constantinople burns in the background….a chance to reread some history lessons.


PERSPICACITY Also known as VIEWPOINT. This is a tangent point between The End of Nature paintings and The Virtues. For me, the butterfly represents the fleeting nature of life.


EQUANIMITY As with so many others, this is a virtue I feel a lack of in my own life. The figure is meditating that equanimity is found in the contemplation of the fullness of time. Against the truely immense span of time, ephemeral material gains are but trifles to be discarded...


FORTITUDE I got to thinking of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ character John Carter of Mars….whenever it looked like the odds were hopeless and he had no options, his response was a defiant, “I still live!” As in all of the works in this series there are ammonite fossils,...


GENTLENESS Not a classical Virtue, but based on observing my young son with our aging family cat. It’s how I hope we’ll care for all the earth’s creatures.


HUMILITY The painting was originally subtitled “Poem By The Sea,” from a track on the WINDS OF CHANGE album by Eric Burdon and the Animals. The lyrics mention the clouds, wind, and sea and they helped me characterize this obvious Virtue.


HOPE I feel now that they are reflections upon the transient nature of reality and the fragility of life. Ideal figures carved from stone, even they are subject to age, accident, and injury… yet the worn stone will eventually weather into soil and become reborn as...


PATIENCE All the virtues represented in my series of the same name are ones that seem to me be be in short supply today.

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