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The first and only con dedicated to fantastic illustration.  Join Michael Whelan and a stellar group of fantasy illustrators (Boris & Julie, Eggleton, Hickman, Hildebrandt, Palencar, Vess and more!) for a weekend of discussion, demos, and displays at the Altoona Heritage Discovery Center. Weekend passes are limited to 200 collectors and fans, but there will be one-day passes for the public on Sunday, November 9.

November 6-9, Altoona Heritage Discovery Center


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From the mid-90s to the early aughts, Mike designed and maintained the original and websites. After a hiatus of several years, Mike rebuilt the site and has been managing Michael Whelan's online presence since 2011. Along with Audrey Price (Mrs. Whelan), he produces our online newsletter and coordinates original art sales. Long time followers may know Mike by another name. After years of managing bookstores and designing websites, Mike is making the transition to full-time writing and is now widely using his pen name (if you know his family name, you'll understand why).

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