This weekend, Michael Whelan’s celebrated LOVECRAFT panels are being offered for sale by the Frank collection at the Heritage Auction of Illustration Art in New York City.

Over the last 40 years, Howard and Jane Frank have amassed one of the signature collections of science fiction and fantasy artworks. Their decision to “down-size” has created a great opportunity for other collectors to acquire some great works.

This diptych (one image on two panels) is not only one of Whelan’s finest and most reproduced paintings, but one of the greatest and most definitive works of art related to the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.

The panels feature iconic images that reintroduced the weird fiction master to an entire generation of readers and have become indelibly connected to his classic tales.

LOVECRAFT’S NIGHTMARE was originally commissioned by Del Rey Books to be used for 6 separate Lovecraft covers. The images were later reproduced in Michael Whelan’s Works of Wonder and for the cover of A Lovecraft Retrospective: Artists Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

They remain two of Whelan’s most popular horror images, reproduced on heavy metal album covers and many tattoos through the years.

When asked about the upcoming Heritage Auction, Whelan considered being featured alongside Norman Rockwell—one of his idols—to be a huge compliment.

He went on,” Very early in my career, I went into New York on the train to deliver an assignment. I was walking through Grand Central Station and saw that the Grand Central Art Gallery was showing Rockwell’s portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy. While holding my own painting and looking at his, I couldn’t help wondering – and hoping – if someday my work would be in a show with him.”

Signed fine art prints of LOVECRAFT’S NIGHTMARE are available as a set in our shop.

Heritage Auctions October 26, 2013 New York, NY

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