We’re pleased to announce officially licensed gaming accessories featuring art by Michael Whelan.

Whether you’re a tabletop or digital gamer, we’ve got you covered with a new line from Inked Gaming. Available products include playmats (up to 48″ x 48″), dice bags, gaming crates, mousepads, and tote bags.

We’re starting with a selection of art that includes RHYTHM OF WAR and FAHRENHEIT 451—Michael’s latest covers—along with fan favorites THE WAY OF KINGS, SHALLAN, and FILED TEETH.  We’ll be expanding the line with new images so stay tuned for more art.  This project originated with a fan request so we’d like to keep it informed by fans. Let us know what art you’re interested in seeing on what products.

Here’s a preview video from Inked gaming teasing the new line of Michael Whelan gaming products:

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