It is with great pleasure that I welcome you back to Michael Whelan.com!

A few graybeards out there may remember me from the original website. Back in 1995, I began work on a crude version of MW.com. That site grew, of course, into a bona fide web presence. In addition to selling posters and prints there, Michael used his online portfolio to land a one-man art show at Tree’s Place Gallery in 1997, an amazing event for those who made it out to Cape Cod.

I’m sure I didn’t fully realize it at the time, but as I began working with Michael he was moving on from a career as the most recognized illustrator of science fiction and fantasy (he has SuperHugo for that) to build his reputation as a fine artist. Success showing his personal work in galleries around the world would eventually lead to his retirement from illustration. But just as Michael yearned to explore ideas of his own while illustrating book covers, he could never leave his first love of illustration behind.

Recently, Michael has waded back into the world of illustration, producing breathtaking covers for Brandon Sanderson’s THE WAY OF KINGS and more recently the final book of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, A MEMORY OF LIGHT. Exciting times to be sure, and whether you’re a fan of illustration or fine art, I think you’ll be pleased with the balance of art on this new site.

For the first time, Michael Whelan.com will be a vehicle for the artist to engage fans and present his work on a more timely basis. Did I mention that is the whole point of this? To give Michael a platform to share his work with you but never pull him too far from his easel.

Without further ado, welcome to The Art of Michael Whelan! Worlds of imagination await…

Please note this week is a soft launch as we coordinate the final details of the site before our grand opening. Everything is functional. Feel free to order securely through the shop, or just browse our galleries. We’ll be adding new products, specifically original art before we advertise our re-launch next week.

If you experience any problems, please report them via our Contact page.

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