When Michael Whelan illustrated The Gunslinger in 1981, he had no idea that the gravity of the books, much like the pull of the Tower for Roland, would bring him back to Midworld again and again.

He illustrated 4 different covers for The Gunslinger over the years—the 1st and 3rd editions from Donald M. Grant, the first paperback from Plume, and The Little Sisters of Eluria, an updated version of the original text. As fate would have it, he would also return for The Dark Tower, the concluding volume of what Stephen King has called his opus.

Along with those iconic covers, he lavishly illustrated the books with color paintings and black and white drawings. The scenes and symbols explored have captured the imagination of readers going on 4 decades now.

To that legacy he adds 19 O’CLOCK, a reimagining of the KA symbol he created especially for Book 7. Michael still re-reads the books at least once a year, and this painting was inspired by a recent listen to the original audio book of The Gunslinger as narrated by Stephen King himself.

Notice the sigil of the Crimson King borne by the spider, the bullet holes in the wood, and the hands of the pocket watch.



Image: 9" x 12"

Winning Bid: $7,109

Estimated value $6,000-7000

Due to the demand for Dark Tower art, we often sell originals before most collectors even get to see the sale listings. To include more fans in this opportunity, we are offering this small painting offline through a blind bidding process.

If you’re interested, please use the contact form below to make your best offer. We will confirm your offer and notify you if you are the high bid.

Deadline for submission is December 4, 2022, 7PM EST. We will notify the winning bidder the next day.

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