Brandon Sanderson has said on many occasions that Shallan’s storyline would be the focus of the latest installment of his bestselling series THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE, but a key scene featuring Kaladin and Szeth was chosen for the cover.

Tor Books commissioned Michael to do a second painting for this very special volume and SHALLAN appears as the endpapers.

SHALLAN is also available in a set of 2 with WORDS OF RADIANCE, a set of 3 with THE WAY OF KINGS and WORDS OF RADIANCE, and a set of 4 with THE WAY OF KINGS, WORDS OF RADIANCE, and OATHBRINGER, and a set of 5 with THE WAY OF KINGS, WORDS OF RADIANCE, OATHBRINGER, and RHYTHM OF WAR.


Conservation Framing: Dark Brown or Blue (to match her clothes) Acid-free Mat, Archival Plexiglass, and Warm Silver Wood Frame (Please tell us which mat color you prefer.)

Frame: 22" x 26"

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