Fresh off completing the last three books of The Wheel of Time series, Brandon Sanderson is set to return to his own epic The Stormlight Archive this fall. The sequel to The Way of Kings (Stormlight Book 2) will be titled Words of Radiance and is scheduled for release on November 12, 2013.

Michael Whelan will also be returning to the series. Clearly, this is a special author / artist pairing. Whelan won the Chesley Award for Best Cover Illustration (Hardcover) for The Way of Kings in 2010. His brilliant vision of Rand al’Thor adorned the cover of A Memory of Light, the last book of The Wheel of Time, earlier this year.

Recently, he had this to say of the assignment on


The material is enormously evocative. I haven’t read a fantasy epic this engaging in decades. It is wonderfully imaginative and inspiring, a rich and cogent universe that feels entirely believable, with interesting characters and plotlines that weave through the book like the moves of an expert fencer. For me the chief attraction is, of course, the deep, deep well of creative possibilities, original and moving concepts that any artist in our field would jump at.

Special eBook Promotion will begin a re-read of The Way of Kings on March 28. If you haven’t read the book yet, now is your chance because TOR is discounting the eBook edition to $2.99. The promotional price is available through the usual online retailers (direct links provided below).

Goodreads will also be giving away 10 copies of the book. Enter by April 24, 2014 to win a copy of The Way of Kings here

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KOBO (Michael Whelan Illustrates Stormlight Archive #2)

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