Kirsten Zirngibl



SOUTH BEND, IN – A selection of paintings spanning four decades of Michael Whelan’s career will be on display at the South Bend Museum of Art.

Jeff Miracola, Donglu Yu, and Kirsten Zirngibl join Michael Whelan for Worldbuilders.  The exhibition offers stunning artworks by some of the most exciting artists today. What unites them is the depth, magic and wonder found within the extraordinary worlds they bring to life.

Michael’s contributions to the show include:  Chanur’s Homecoming, The Dark Tower: The Crimson King, The Dark Tower: The Long Road, Ellie’s Dream, Hari (Foundation),  In A World of Her Own, Weyrworld, and The Summer Queen.

The Korshak Collection will also be on view in the adjoining Warner Gallery from Nov 2 – Dec 29.  That collection includes Master Mind of Mars.

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